Join the Pleinert & Partner Team

We are open to new team members joining our team. See the information below to learn more. If this sounds like it could be for you, do not hesitate to contact us at

Further below you can read some testimonials of team members and alumni

What we offer

  • Working as an entrepreneur under the brand of a Swiss company that has been operating internationally since 2006, serving clients across Europe, and that cultivates cooperation with academia
  • Being able to access team resources in various expertise and therefore able to offer a wider portfolio of services to your clients
  • The opportunity of being part of an ambitious team, taking part in creating and introducing cutting edge innovation to the market
  • The best of both worlds between being an independent and being in a supportive team!

What we expect

  • Track record and confidence in developing business combined with team orientation: everyone in our team generates their own business and knows that they could be successful as an independent consultant, but we prefer to work as a team - in order to achieve even more, and because we enjoy being part of a team
  • Experience and expertise in one or several areas in the areas of HR strategy and Learning & Development
  • You should be a ‘digital extrovert’: comfortable working in a virtual team, liking to use chat platforms to spontaneously exchange updates, ideas and fun and being an active social media user
Nicole Kollars
Dr. Nicole Kollars, Partner at Pleinert & Partner
I enjoy being my own boss and I like to work independently. However, experience has taught me that creative solutions are best developed in a team. A team that shares the same vision and values and is at the same time very different when it comes to background, points of view, personality, knowledge and experience. That is exactly what I find with P&P. I can tap into a creative thinking lab whenever I need it. I can team up with experts for specific client projects. And I can find sparring partners for all aspects of work.
Heike Schümann
Heike Schümann, Principal at Pleinert & Partner

I never wanted to work alone as an independent entrepreneur.

But after I got to know Dr. Helena Pleinert and her team, I developed the ambition to implement my own business idea with a special focus on HR-Topics.

I appreciate very much how Dr. Helena Pleinert combines analytical work wonderfully with pragmatic solutions. In a team of open minded people I found myself encouraged in my plans to work as a Co- entrepreneur. I was able to combine my independence and the teamwork. The lively exchange in a team makes every idea better.

Through open discussions and monthly team meetings, nationally and internationally, we stay on the pulse of time. In the last 15 months we haven't changed our way of working, as remote working is already our standard. A special network tool allows us that we are informally connected across all electronic devices.

We can work at any location and at any time of day that suits our clients and us. And in this way we demonstrate the modern way of working for our clients with focus on: HR strategy, modern forms of collaboration, coaching and e-learning / microlearning.

Jerry Pico
Jerry Pico, Head of Leadership, Learning & Talent Europe at Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH Learning Author

I had the pleasure and privilege to be a Co-Entrepreneur with Pleinert & Partner, to work directly with Dr. Helena Pleinert and other esteemed colleagues for several years - it was a great experience!

Your points are well made, I enjoyed working as an independent consultant for some time, but something was missing - it was the camaraderie and collaborative creativity that I found at P&P, and I still had my flexibility and choice on which projects I worked.

I'm working in-house now, and when I eventually return to consulting - I look forward to being a Co-Entrepreneur again!